Amanda Berezowski

Rampage takes a truly magical place (Squamish will always have a place in my heart)….brings together like minded individuals to share passions, motivations, failures and accomplishments…and creates the perfect opportunity for maximal psyche.


amanda-b-seasame-street 2012 (1)
Sesame Street V9 @ Squamish
Fixing the Car (Autobody) V8, Squamish
Fixing the Car V8 @ Squamish
Hands Dont Have Genders V4 @ Virgin Gorda
Hands Dont Have Genders V4 @ Virgin Gorda

My name is Amanda Berezowski. I have been climbing for 15 years, the first four being on a youth team in Calgary, Alberta.


My passion has lead me to love both outdoor and competition climbing.


I  feel lucky to have been one of the few individuals developing the boulders in the British Virgin Gorda, a Carribbean Island. Along with that helping with the guide book, A Guide to Bouldering and Traveling in the Virgin Islands


I have been part of the Canadian Nationals team for 9 consecutive years traveling to a few world cups, taking a break for the last few and I am happy to be part of the circuit again this year.


In my first year of bouldering outside I competed in the Triple Crown…the outdoor bouldering series in the states…and surprised myself by winning the overall advanced title.


Something I love about competing is that it gives me an opportunity to have confidence in everything I have practiced. It is also a quick way to learn my weaknesses and gives me constant motivation which is required for training and pushing my limits.
My strongest boulder ascent is The Seam, a V10 in Squamish and my strongest route ascent is Globe Trotters, a 5.13c at Horne Lake.