Forest Stewardship

At Squamish Rampage, we aim to celebrate and role model Best Climbers Practice and using climbing to benefit the world. Forest stewardship is one of them. All participants will be given a plastic bag to pack in and out during and after the festival and camping. Here are some tips from the Squamish Access Society:



Squamish has gained recognition as a world-class climbing destination which means that foot traffic in the forest increases on a yearly basis. We want to ensure that our future generations will also have the benefit of enjoying the forest and climbing areas in the years to come.

Stay on marked trails at all times.
This is a big one. Anytime that you walk off-trail you are crushing vegetation and disrupting the soil. This is harmful to the forest and all the animals that live within it.

Do not urinate or defecate in the forest. You may be tempted to water the plants, but just remember that the forest has many visitors and nobody likes to step in a fresh pool of urine… would you? We have well maintained washrooms at 4 different locations in the Grand-wall/Apron area — Please use them.

Please keep dogs on a leash. Crag dogs are always awesome companions for a fun day of climbing. However, if you’re spotting/belaying your buddy, your dog may be pooping on the trail, chewing on the roots of thousand-year-old trees, and digging up holes in the ground. Please keep them on a leash and in site at all times.

Share the climbing area. People have travelled long and far to climb in Squamish. If you see someone who would like to climb in the same boulder/vicinity, please allow adequate time and distance to allow them to enjoy a full session. Brush away all tick-marks. One of joys of outdoor climbing is figuring out which features on the rock to use as holds. Not everybody likes to have their puzzles solved for them.

Don’t “yard-sale” your belongings. It is a good habit to put all of your belongings back into your pack while you’re climbing so that people aren’t tripping over your belongings.

Please carpool such as Facebook groups.