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Dillon WeathersTM. I love climbing, math and being a good role model to the next generation. Peace.

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My Climb and Conquer Story…

I’m proud to have been involved with Climb and Conquer for over a year before its recent incorporation. I’ve volunteered as a climbing mentor at numerous Climb and Conquer events held at local climbing gyms. At these events, we belay kids and their mentors, provide some basic climbing movement and safety education, and encourage kids to overcome their perceived physical limitations to complete climbs that they thought were “too difficult”. Through the program, I’ve seen kids (particularly those with troubled backgrounds) develop confidence, a passion for the sport, and simply have fun.


The program was started by my friend Joseph Wong as a side-project of the Vancouver Rock Climbing Group, as part of the group’s mission to use climbing to benefit people and the community. The local climbing community has been very supportive: enthusiastic volunteers give up their Friday evenings to help out at Climb and Conquer events, and climbing gym owners have been great about providing discounted rates for participants. Needless to say, it is a fairly unique program in the Vancouver area.


Climb and Conquer is not-for-profit, and relies on donations of time from volunteers and funds from sponsors. Donated funds are used to subsidize (depending of financial need) day passes for kids, parents, and/or big brothers/sisters during regular Climb and Conquer events. These events have resulted in a number of kids becoming interested in climbing more regularly and improving; Climb and Conquer funds have also been used to pay the fees for youth programs run by local gyms for these kids. Joe‘s latest idea to hire rock guides to take kids on supervised outdoor climbing days in the summer is an exciting next step for the program.


I think that Climb and Conquer is a great, sustainable program that has already benefited many kids in its short history. I wish that such a program was available to me in my childhood, and I heartily endorse any of Climb and Conquer’s applications for funding and/or other support, so that it can continue to bring the joy of climbing to interested kids.



Kyle Wu, Volunteer for Climb and Conquer