Our Team


Squamish Rampage started in 2014 as an idea while 4 brothers were bouldering at their home (aka. the Hive Bouldering Gym). Seeing that many world class climbing area has some sort of fun comp. and/or festival to bring together the local and worldwide climbing communities and recognizing that this first-of-its-kind event in Squamish could potentially benefit the Squamish community greatly in terms of community building, role-modelling environmental stewardship, supporting local businesses, and raising awareness and much needed funds for Climb and Conquer, a charity that uses climbing to support at-risk youth. The potential is obvious but with full time professional jobs, this proves to be a significant undertaking and who knows whether it will turn out successful or not.  Finally they believe this calling is important and worth the effort and so they made it happen and debuted August 2014. They picked the name Rampage from the famous climbing video Rampage starring rock legend Chris Sharma who toured and bouldered in Squamish, put up numerous FAs and unveiled this world class bouldering to worldwide. Chris Sharma is a role model in our climbing community, supportive to climbers of all levels and founded the Sharmafund that provides climbing access to under-privileged youth. We want this project to breathe the same spirit, using climbing to benefit people. In 2015 (second year), we include ACROYOGA festival to celebrate together our wonderful community.

Festival Directors:

Danny Martin
Joseph Wong
Justin Chan
Luke Aldan
Gabriella Lampbert


Operations Managers:

Allison Wood
Jason Pon
Lena Wong
Leo Sieczka


We also would like to thank you all our 2017 volunteers:

Danny Martin
Emilisa Frirdich
Joseph Wong
Justin Chan
Luke Alden
Allison Wood
Jeffrey Lahay
Chris Lim
Jason Pon
Justin Chan
Lena Wong
Jamie Selda
Millissa Greenwood
Alexandria King
Andreas Lerch
gabrielle lambert
Jen Licup
Adrianna Ng
Andrei Mzk
Arianna Sanelli
Danny Martin
Emilisa Frirdich
Handy Kestury
Jannat Singh Bachhal
Krissy Mackay
Kyle Wu
Luke Alden
Marco Sanelli
Nancy Sham
Nathan Rehorick
Andi McLeish
Boris Lau
Cindy Gu
Elizabeth Salvosa
Freya Schmit
Helena Zhu
Juan Pablo Arizti
Justin Exley
Kartt Gopinath
Ken Chow
Nancy He
Natasha Drozdzenska
Nathan Wnuk
Nicole Hammond
Sagan Bolliger
Surabhi Simha
Yasmine Yavari
Young Joe