Siovhan is a lover of handstands, rock and trees. Her interest in movement in its many forms began with training in competitive gymnastics, and has grown to include circus arts, yoga and acro yoga, and climbing. The processes of teaching and learning have always been passions for her, and she is continually amazed and intrigued by the seemingly endless creativity and variety in learning styles of the people she works with. Daily, she is a gymnastics coach, acro yogi and circus artist who strives to keep learning, and teaching in order to learn. The practise of acroyoga has helped her to explore boundaries and push limits, create and communicate with others physically and emotionally. She completed her teacher training with AcroYoga Montreal in July 2014. She comes to you with a variety of teaching experiences, shaped by the diversity of the students she has had the opportunity to work with. In her classes, expect to learn to trust yourself to create a practise that is truly your own, while testing your boundaries. She believes her role as a teacher is as a guide to exploration, and that we can all be inspired by people’s individual expressions of movement.

Most recently her goals and inspiration have come from exploring the circus arts, and climbing. Both are explorations into movement, with aspects of facing fear or insecurity. She has been inspired by people’s individual expressions of their own form of movement!