Squamish Rampage is fully designed and run by volunteers without any paid staff with complex logistics and significant contributions from 50+ volunteers at the event day.


Why Volunteer with us?

Because we always organize the best parties in town and gather a humongous crowd of the most awesome people. Make new friends with people from local and worldwide! All Volunteers get 1 free raffle of 50/50 raffle (last year: $1000)

Volunteer Positions:

  1. RAMPAGE Event Set-up Beasts (Sat: 7am-9am, 6-8pm)
  2. RAMPAGE Photographers & Videographers (Sat: all day or a few hours during the day)
  3. RAMPAGE Registration Masters (Sat: 7am-9am and 6-7pm)
  4. RAMPAGE Bouldering Tour Guides (Sat: all day)
  5. RAMPAGE Refreshment Angels (Sat: 6:30am-9am, 11:30-2pm, 5:30pm-7pm)
  6. RAMPAGE First-Aid Attendant (on call during entire day August 11 Sat)

Questions & Apply?

Please do not hesitate to contact us @ Danny BeastMachine Martin @ admin@climbnconquer.ca